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Language Arts

Language Arts

Helps children develop and practice basic reading skills through online games and activities with their parent, teacher or caregiver
This is not exactly one tool; it's the best bank of online writing tools for grades K-12. These are all interactive tools that walk students through dozens of writing tasks. First graders can write their first business letter on an easy-to-use template and print it. Middle school students enjoy the comic creator, practicing storyboard skills in the process. High school students use the drama map to help them better understand the elements of reading dramas. Venn diagrams, alphabet games, many poem generators, and much more await you! This site is easy to use and will run on most browsers. (You might need to download Flash, a free program for online animation.)
The simplicity of this site makes it possible for very young children to practice basic literacy skills that are so important to prekindergarten and kindergarten students. This site presents material in an appealing format that focuses on learning rather than bells and whistles.
Essay Map
Use this interactive graphic organizer to develop an outline that includes an introductory statement; main ideas that you want to discuss or describe; supporting details; and a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas.
Primary Literacy
Interactive literacy activities for grades K-3
Arcademic Skill Builders
Arcademic Skill Builders is a website that hosts several fun online multiplayer arcade racing games that will teach you addition, multiplication and division.
Story Mapping Tool
Use this online graphic organizer to create a character map, conflict map, resolution map, or setting map
Starfall is a free on-line service to help children learn to read. It includes lots of ABC animations, animated interactive books and other reading exercises. Completely ad-free.
Printing Press
The interactive Printing Press is designed to assist students in creating newspapers, brochures, flyers, and booklets.
Use this interactive graphic organizer to map out their arguments for a persuasive essay or debate.
This website allows users to create words with certain endings/beginnings.
Reading Comprehension Questions
Students are sometimes surprised that they are expected to ask questions while reading. Encourage them to do so, with these sets of questions for before, during, and after reading.
Prompts can help remove blocks to reading comprehension, by arming students with comprehensible and concrete tools with which to attack any reading assignment. Find an outline of the strategies here, along with numerous sample prompts and situations.
Play with your antonyms, synonyms and homonyms, and understand the differences between each category with this interactive language arts game for upper elementary students.
Choose your grade level for this online language arts game, where students have to locate and correct all of the errors with an interactive proofreading challenge.
Being able to locate and analyze the root of a word can often help students figure out the meaning of a word they might otherwise be unfamiliar with - a real boon on tests. Get some practice in with a tutorial and several different challenge levels in this interactive game from Funbrain.
Here's a great little game for students to practice vocabulary, spelling or even reading terms. They will first select a level, with each successive level adding the ability for more letters. They can click to enter their words - spelling lists, for instance - and generate an interactive word search puzzle (with an option as well for a printable version). Keep this game handy for test prep practice skills.
Here's a fun game where students can learn and practice the meaning of common - and some not-so-common idioms. They will choose a theme and a level before proceeding, and can also choose extra challenge levels throughout the game.
offers a fun and engaging way for students to improve their vocabulary skills. Miss Spelling’s Spelling Center offers information on the most often mispronounced and misspelled English words, tips for writing, and word games as well as fun articles on the use of spell checkers and the inconsistency of English spelling.
Students are given a set of eight letters, and they will earn points by using as many of the letters each time as they can, building several sets of words.
This award-winning site helps students and teachers improve English Language Arts skills such as vocabulary and spelling. Behind a sales pitch and a relatively steep price is a very useful English Language Arts learning program.
First select your target grade level, then proceed to practice and review parts of speech for that grade, with interactive elements and explanations.
Math Resources

Math Resources

Time is of the essence as students rush to fill customer orders in this online ice cream shop. They need to convert fractions to mixed numbers, piling on the correct scoops of ice cream and adding up orders correctly to fill the orders, all before the clock runs out.
Enter the parameters for the lowest and highest numbers you want your students to review in this online practice with prime numbers, then have them correctly identify each number as prime or composite.
In this online version of the ancient game of tangrams, seven little shapes become a rabbit, a person, a spaceship, and more. Click and drag the shapes to build a figure. The game allows players to rotate the shapes, ask for hints, and use an outline of the figure for an easier challenge.
"How fast are you?" taunts Reaction Math! Answer its challenge by adding and subtracting single and double digits or multiplying numbers 1-12 as quickly as you can. You select the number of problems to calculate, and the game offers your "stats," including number right, number incorrect, and average speed.
CoolMath4Kids  Grades 1-6 
This site has a lot of resources.  Each topic has lessons teach the skill, flash cards, and games to reinforce and practice skills.
Just like the game "Pac Man" but in this case using "Math Man," students must use the arrow keys to race around the playing board, eating up the dots and finding a math question to answer.
Students have to solve for "X" in this elementary algebra game, by moving the negative and positive numbers across the equal sign to make a true equation.
This site has insructional material, flash cards, and games.
Generate a random page of time questions with matching analog clocks, with this online teaching tool. Great for extra practice and/or quizzes.
This talking calculator might just prove a valuable tool for any of your students still struggling with math facts. Have them work in pairs to input the operations, and guess the correct answer before hitting the equal sign.